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Originally Posted by Mr.Seele View Post

By the way: KotOR 2 TSL runns neat and smoothly without ANY afford other than to install the game.

This is bizarre. TSL plays nice and KotOR is the problem!?!?!?!?! That's a first, and I wonder if you have damaged media? That 4 CD set is old, old my friend (I have one too, but I now play off the BoPC version).

Not sure what to say, generally KotOR is much simpler to get going than TSL. I would recommend trying to update your driver, or roll-back your driver, as I have the same Vid Card (GTS 250) and for whatever reason, I have no FAIL on the driver report. My other thought is bad VRAM, although you aren't complaining of ghosting or weird pixellation artifacts.

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