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Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
Well, if you have the money for a fancy computer, then you must have the money to get an Xbox360 or PS3, so get one and play the game how it was meant to be played. Don't judge the game based on a Not-Very-Good port.
Same thing with people saying that the graphics are choppy and whatnot, my point applies for that problem too. IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT for getting the game for PC instead of the consoles even though TFU1's PC port was poorly done and the same company was doing TFU2's port.
This. Perfect.

I have a fancy computer and a PS3, aren't I special. I choose, according to how the game was developed, which version of the game I will buy. Generally, I buy the OG version, not the port. Limits my choices as a PC gamer, but what can we do? I have the money (barely) to have a fancy computer, to upgrade and maintain it. Many people do not, and thus the conundrum of PC gaming that we all have heard and discussed and puked over again and again - it is not a level playing field, where the consoles are identical.

Eventually, technology being on the curve it is, GPU's will be absorbed into the mainboard or even the CPU (yes I know thats been going on for years, just not *well*), all computers will have excellent graphics because they should, and then the PC market will be revitalized. Oooooooo, the future can look delicious.

In the now, try to think critically about what you are doing, what you are buying, what is going on. It by no means guarantees happiness, but leaves you with a little less buyer's remorse.

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