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Kaneda felt a sudden tap on his shoulder. "What are you thinking about Kaneda?"

He turned to face her, and smiled sheepishly. "Lots of things really... I guess you could say I'm being faced with a dilemna... or a revolution."

Sea foam was washing ashore onto his boots. He didnt seemed to mind it. "I want to explore the open world, beyond the Shinobi region. Well... theres an academy that specialises in Kenjustu and Swordplay, that I thought about attending first. But thats whats worrying me."

He turned to Karela, held her by one hand, while patting it with the other. "I would feel like I'm abandoning everybody. My family, my friends... you... I'm sorry if I seemed a little forward back at the base. I was worried that alot of us wouldnt be coming out alive." He looked over where Dai's body lay. "Looks like my suspicions were correct."
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