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Finally got around to playtesting the latest version of this - got a little distracted going through the MI2 Ultimate Talkie Edition those first few times, haha. ; ) I've done a complete playthrough and am now double-checking the beginning of Part III, keeping a close eye on Herman's dialogue. While most of the glitches in his dialogue scripts seem to have been fixed, one notable one is still present. The glitch I mentioned for the previous version after telling Herman I'm here to rescue someone is still present - Guybrush still added I think she's on that ghost-ship underground. even though I hadn't yet seen the ship. Herman still said I told you about them borrowing my banana picker and never returning it, right? at the end of the dialogue; although this line only appears in RC4 when you've already talked about the banana picker, the line still makes no sense here as the conversation is about the ghost pirates, not the cannibals.

Will let you know of any more bugs that I find - am currently replaying the beginning of Part III a couple of times to double-check Herman's dialogue some more. Will let you know if I find anything more. = )

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