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((I was waiting for Cyborg Ninja to reply, but I'll go ahead and post anyway so we don't hold up the RP. Sorry Cyborg! ))

Yoroi rested for awhile on the beach, recovering from overexertion. I'm certainly not using the Rinnegan for at least a good year unless I'm forced to, he thought.

Eventually he stood up and walked over to Dai's body, amid those already paying their respects. Like Nagato before him, Yoroi did have the ability to restore Dai's soul and effectively reverse death. He was perfectly willing to make that small sacrifice of lifeforce. However, he knew that the Hokage had knowledge of his ability. If it was something that Naruto and the others would have wanted, they would have probably asked. In their eyes, and in Yoroi's as well, it would be disrespectful to Dai's sacrifice to just erase it.

The dead will remain the dead, and living shall go on living.

He bowed to Dai's corpse respectfully and walked away. As soon as he had the chance, he intended to send a message to Amegakure and let them know the crisis was past and he would return home soon.

He glanced over at Takeda, the Rinnegan sensing the familiar darkness within. But of course, he is still there. I'll stick around long enough to confirm if that will be a problem...and to see if any celebration is in order.

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