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"I'm going to miss the village, but I feel that this needs to be done just in case."

Kaneda smiled, and stared out into the ocean as well. He left with a pat on her shoulder, and walked towards the Dai's body.

He knealt down beside him, grabbed his limp hand and grasped it. He stared at his peaceful sleeping face. "We could not have done this without you Dai..." a tear rolled down Kaneda's eye; which he quickly wiped hiding from everybody else. "Thank you..."

__________________________________________________ __________

Five Weeks Later

The first fortnight was a long, emotional one; attending Dai's funeral, planning Kaneda's future ahead and applying for and relocating to the Kenjustu Academy situated in the Land of Forests.

One week after that, he got a reply and was requested to attend an inteview with a representative located within Konoha. After much consideration, he got accepted.

The remaining two weeks consisted of Kaneda packing his bags, saying long goodbyes to both his parents and family. But apart from and kept between Hokage Naruto, the Kenjustu Academy Instructors and the others, nobody else knows about Kaneda being a Jinchuuriki/Werebeast hybrid - and so should best to remain as that.

Kaneda held the straps of his bag, walking through the sunny streets of Konoha towards the Great Gate Entrance of the village.

Just as he was nearing, and saw it in the distance, he felt the familiar presence of his old instructor sitting atop of a building. Sensei Tategami landed on his feet, to greet Kaneda.

"Leaving already? And here I was thinking you would have the decency to greet me goodbye." he beamed.

"Why, sensei... how could I even forget?" Kaneda said sarcastically, while smiling amusingly. "I already said my goodbyes to everybody else. Including you."

"To be precise, exactly 14 hours and 58 minutes ago you greeted goodbye to us."

"You're keeping a tab on me, even when I'm about to leave?" Kaneda scratched his head, awkwardly.

((The final, optional part of the RP, where everybody says goodbye... if you so desire ))
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