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Karela sighed as she looked down on the Hidden leaf village from above. Since her mother and father were dead as far as she knew and she had no living relatives she hadn't had that many people to say goodbye to. Of course she had said goodbye to her teammates before she had left.

The first week back at the village had been the hardest. She had told both Lee-sensai and Shizune-sensai that Dai had died like a true shinobi. Lee-sensai had handled it well, he had shed his tears and had attended the funeral along with Shizune-sensai who had also shed tears.

She had then issued a heartfelt apology to the Hyuga clan for her part in destroying their home and then had issued an apology to Hyuga Hinata for attacking her on the day of the attack on the clan. Both apologies had been accepted and all had been forgiven. She had spent her last day in the village saying goodbye to the Hokage and packing for the long journey to Akagi's village.

She looked down and saw Kaneda and smiled as she watched Tategami seemingly appear out of thin air and began talking to him.

I guess it's time for me to leave. Stay safe Kaneda...and maybe if you wait...I'll have an answer for how you feel about me...and how I feel about you.

Karela grabbed the bag filled with spare clothes and and took off into the night as she headed for Akagi's village.
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