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Kaneda's ears raised, as he could feel Karela's presence about a few kilometers away. He looked at the cliff, where all carved faces of the previous Hokage's were set: including Naruto's. Moving his eyes along, across the rooftops of several buildings, stood a female figure staring at them. The figure left.

Kaneda heart felt warm, as he saw Karela for the last time. Tategami joined Kaneda with the gazing. He grinned.

"You certainly have fine taste." he added. Kaneda's face blushed, with a mixture of frustration.

"I dont ramage through your private thoughts, you know!!" a seemingly exaggerated vein of frustration popped in Kaneda's head. He then calmed down, and looked up at Tategami.

"And despite all that, I'm going to miss it." he smiled. He raised an open hand, waiting for Tategami to shake in return. Tategami stared coldly at the hand. "Only meer acqaintences shake each others hands..."

Kaneda had a bad feeling about this. Tategami outretched his big arms and wrapped them around Kaneda. Kaneda couldnt breath, yet found himself laughing. "Okay, okay... stop, I cant breath!"

Tategami and Kaneda said their goodbyes. He walked through the massive gate. And kept walking. And walking. Until he paused, and turned around to looked at the village behind him, which shrunk in the distance. The only notable feature was the Cliff of Hokage faces. "I hope that we meet again..."

And so he kept walking. And walking. Until the visual of his own dot vanished in the distance...

---------------------------------THE END------------------------------------

I am pleased to announce that this RP has been completed. Finished! An accomplishment that even I never thought possible, given my own experiences with my own created RPs.
I would like to thank everybody whom participated, and showed an undying enthusiass, creativeness and contribution to the Naruto Text Based RolePlaying Game.

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