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About the only one that I found really easy was the one where you have to keep Stormtroopers from escaping, that I managed to get up to 7 minutes on like my third attempt.
Some of them I get what I'm supposed to do, but the game screws me over. Like the combat trial, where I have to do specific combos. If I try to press the button only the required number of times, the combo tends to fall short. If I keep mashing it, chances are it'll be overextended. Or the Dagobah challenge. Yeah, I get it, I have to raise about every second platform, then for the latter part of the course not bother raising any at all and just run through the lightning to get a good time. But due to the improved but still quite random targeting system I always end up raising the wrong platform, costing me time.
Aaaand then there are those were I'm completely lost. Like defending the statue or the gauntlet. I have absolutely no idea how to get a good time on those.
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