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Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
You do realize the 40s were the burgeoning of the progressive menace you so despise?
We have to start viewing political parties not on the left and right but up and down and look at forms of government as left and right. The up and down are what we in America call the Republicans and Democrats while the left and right is Big Government and Small Government (respectfully). The farther left you go the more Communist a country is, the farther right the country turns to Anarchy. There is a middle ground where enough political intervention that keeps the people in order yet allows them to enjoy their freedom.

The political parties really don't matter in the short term but over time if one particular part dominates, they can push the country into a particular direction whether it be communism or anarchy. For the most part they are suppose to bounce back and forth.

If the government didn't allow the people to have particular rights in their companies, the companies would just go on and use us more as slave labor rather than paid employees. Like I said there is a middle ground between what is right and what is wrong.

Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
There are no unalterable laws of economics. We started as hunters and gatherer and now we have a global economy.
You're right, we did make the laws, but these laws were slowly generated over time as economies because more and more interconnected and more dependent on each other. I should correct myself that these laws can be changed but that is not something that we can see within our lifetime, it takes many, many years for something like this to happen. What I am saying is that you just can't wake up and expect that printing more money won't create inflation or not paying a debt will not make it lower.
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