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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
I love the last part with trusting in the Force


Also during this time I can assume that Bastila and Revan were continuing their relationship...openly or not openly is not clear. During this time Bastila got pregnant. Not on the Ebon hawk (They still might have had some alone time) only because that means Revan would know that Bastila was caring his child which might have affected his choice to leave Bastila and the Republic for this threat.
You just gave me a new theory. Revan ran off to the 'Unknown Regions' (actually some resort planet), after finding out he knocked Bastila up, because he didn't want to pay child support.

This theory neatly ties up the bloodline of Satele, the lack of any contact or return by Revan, and the fact that the Sith Empire still invades the Republic, despite Revan's supposed mission to stop them. Yes, every plot hole in KOTOR canon can be neatly filled with this explanation.

I can only assume that your mod Revenge of Revan consists of Revan traveling the beaches of the aforementioned resort planet, getting with vacationing space-university students using his never-fails pick up line "Hey babe, I saved the whole damn galaxy. Twice."

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