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I watched that last night-as well as the other videos in the timeline.

To be honest, I'm rather outraged by the writers/creators. The MMO is a nice addition to Star Wars, but its a rip off of KotOR! Especially when their calling it "The Old Republic" knocking off the "Knights"! -they should have gotten a different name.

What frustrates me the most-along with many others-is TSL brought up many unanswered questions and we were all assuming their'd be a 3rd game to explain it all, as well as help tie everything in.(Not to mention how many fans were looking forward to pop in a Kotor game for their new XBox 360/PS3!

Instead we get an MMO only playable on PC. Not only that, they've basically pushed KotOR aside to make a new story. And its insulting that they attempted to tie it with the KotOR games.

I always considered Revan to be a special Jedi, who did fall to the dark side, but was then returned to the light and became the ultimate hero for the republic. This MMO is screwing up that Hero concept!

I just wished they'd given us a 3rd game and then decided to make this MMO. It would have causes less conflict between fans as it is now.

But when you step back, you realize its not so shocking, it is Star Wars and Lucas and his team have been screwing up the original concept since the prequels. No offense to anyone who may disagree with me.

I will always love the KotOR games, the original story concept and the characters. Anything this MMO says about them, I'm pushing it out of my mind as I do with many other Star Wars-related content/projects.

"I've got a bad feeling about this!"
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