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You cant clone dead tissue/ cells. the cloning process in star wars shows it only touching the fine line of cloning, the perfect clone would not be phsycally linked to one another, nor share the memories unless the original was alive ,read the science behind star wars and you will see. To clone Master Sifo-Dyas's dna for the medicholrine gene for greivas "Star wars" visionaries" they had to keep him under a medical koma when he was half dead, so he wouldnt wake or die. Therefore able to retreive the dna and clone that specific part.
So to conclude, i must suggest that the original G Marek is and will certainally be in a near dead state but kept ( like a vegitable ) in one of those komas, thats why the mentally unstable clone ( the one you are playing as ) is phsycally attached to his memories. Vader wants to remove this and clone one who is not then he will destroy the original. p.s - this is to some content probably true but i am on the other hand just speculating. lol

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