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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
All the known Jedi were on Visas' planet at that time for a conclave, to discuss their next moves. Their ranks were thin, and many Jedi were killed by Sion's assassins. Then Nihilus came and 'killed' the entire planet and every known Jedi on it.
Atris survived because she knew Nihilus would come, so she didn''t go to the conclave. The other masters from Kotor 2 decided to hide after this, since there were no Jedi anymore and it was far too dangerous. And that's were Kotor 2 starts. With the exile being the 'last' of the Jedi.
Was this all told in Kotor 2? I must either had skipped that part or its gone from my memory :S

I just bought Kotor 2 for my pc and will be playing it soon. I'll be sure to pay close attention this time.

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