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To not start a new thread...
I've made a little droid (in XSI Mod Tool v 6.01), made custom sceleton, hierarchy, weighting, animation, exported it to xsi (3.0, animation filtering - raw data (tried also standard - constant and standard - linear)) , assimilated it. Everything is good and in ModView I see that all animation works fine. But when I get my model in the game only animation of upper part is playing, legs stays unmoveable I don't understand why(
Details: as my droid model is simple, there are no tags , no motion bone and no stupidtriangle_off mesh. Can they have any affect on animation?
I've studied assasin_droid model - it has no stupidtriangle_off mesh and no motion bone, and still it walks...
Also for example gonk model has no tags and still it walks...
I don't want it to look like complaining. I just wonder maybe someone have encountered with this problem.
I think I've found the problem but I still don't know how to solve it. Problem is:
I've got such hierarchy: mesh_root linked to hips, hips linked to torso right_leg left_leg etc
skeleton_root linked to pelvis, pelvis linked to lower_lumbar left_leg (root) right_leg (root) etc
Torso weighted to lower_lumbar, hips weighted to pelvis, right_leg and left_leg linked to their bones. In this case lower animation is not working in game. But when I link left_leg (root) and right_leg (root) to lower_lumbar all animation is playing in game, and legs are moving, but in that case if I move torso (lower_lumbar) then legs are moving too...

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