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The Academy In Action:

During one of our recent Community Events, Council Member Bobla organised a guild quest for us to take part in to celebrate our 4 years.

The Powerful and Wise Master DeBelem confronts Imperial aligned Dark Jedi Forces

Rebel Forces watch over our Home on Dantooine during an Event

The Defenders assemble on the outskirts of Bela Vistal to investigate word of the return of a Long Lost Master

A Corellian Smuggler and his Companion get a little assistance on Dathomir

A Fearsome Krayt Dragon lashes out during the Knight Trials of Marah

A Master and His Apprentices, Domiaq, DeBelem and Avonos

A Gathering of the Defenders

Some of the Council of Defenders meet in the Enclave

The Academy gather on Tattooine to save the city and fight off the Krayt Population

A distubance in a temple

The Hall of Defenders, a monument to those who walked before us, it is through our past or future is made

The Old Republic
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