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Many know me, many of you are on my friends list and have always been welcome to come chat.
Many of you I chat with offsite on MSN and various Other chat rooms, Many of you I chat with on your guild forums.
Many of you know I am Community Minded, and one of the first people to start calling for players to understand their role and its importance in making TOR a success.
Many are aware of the Community being the 5th Pillar and my beliefs on which my guild is founded on, that good people make these games great, and a little effort goes a long way. I have shared my plans with a select few, and I have no doubts we will be doing our part in contributing to the Community, and the Game,
Our goal is to create a fun rich environment for our Star Wars, Role Play and game experience, not only for us but for those we interact with along the way.
We are dedicated and feel that to really succeed at anything you have to keep at it, do the hard work put in the effort, standing and complaining about the lack of action will get us back to the place we don not want to be.

Thank you for taking your time to view our presentation, as always feel free to contact myself via this site, our website, MSN
Or by my Email.

The Old Republic
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