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The Defenders on PvP.

Being pro active in the PvP environment was something we felt was beneficial for a Community, we could all remember a time when we were PvPing only to see a large majority of players standing around complaining about no pvp rather then pvping.
Being a Role Play Community some members have their own rules of engagement, while the guild does not have a strict ruling for PvP we do have a No Drama/Harassment Policy, As a group that loves to PvP we have found that while it is a competitive environment, you often need to ignore what is said and focus on fighting for the Republic. Some of what is said and done in the heat of battle can go and lead to problems that end up out of control when a little self restraint could have solved it.
We ask our members who PvP to be mindful of their actions, as what one does reflects on all of us, and with a pro active group of PvPers we can really help build a solid experience that both sides enjoy. A pvp system is only as good as the players let it be, and we will be looking for both Republic and Sith players/guilds to organise future events around in the PvP side of things.

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