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Originally Posted by GalenMarek View Post
maybe it showed the vision what he fear the most
I don't think he fears the fact of being a clone, because he believes himself to be. And from the heated discussion between him and Kota in the rogue shadow, he seemed pretty sure of the fact.

Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
I don't think they represented anything. TFU2's story is too shallow for that. I think the writers' reasoning went the other way around: We need to shoehorn an encounter with Yoda into the story, therefore Starkiller needs to visit Dagobah, therefore we need to come up with something for him to experience in the cave. And since the story involves cloning, the most obvious thing to put there was a bunch of clones.
I agree with Sordid Dreams. The storyline lacks realism and Dagobah had really nothing to do with Starkiller and was pointless since we learned nothing about who he really is!

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
They represent all the other clones. They're asking for help because it sucks to be them.
Ha, ha, that made me laugh :P

"I've got a bad feeling about this!"
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