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I found an OSX app (atPeek), that can explore iPhone apps ipa files (ipa files are actually zip archives).
And atPeek can extracts and converts from crushed Apple png and pvr (power VR texture files) to normal (editable) PNG files.

I checked Monkey.Island.2.Special.Edition-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa with atPeek.
( I checked free version also, but the result is same)
I was able to extract crushed PNG files from game's main directory ( BKG_iPad_bonusFeatures.png etc) and I was able to edit them.

I was able to extract and convert some pvr files with atPeek an other game file. (SW_ Hoth 1.0.ipa, light version is free)

But I'm trouble with MISE 2 , because pvr files are in pak archive. atPeek can not handle pak files.
So I extract pak files with Monkey explorer and put files to ipa file.
But atPeek can not recognize them. I think pvr files are corrupt.
(I compared mise2 PVR and Hoth pvr with hex editor and I did not see PVR! characters in the first line in MISE2's PVR files)

I can open The pvr texture files, which extracted from SW_Hoth.ipa with Imagination PVRTexToolGUI utility.
But it can not open pvr texrures from MISE 2.

May be Monkey explorer produce wrong/corrupt pvr files.
Is there any decryption process during extraction?

Dear Bgbennyboy,
Help me, if have you got any idea....

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