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Question Help please

Hey does anybody else with windows 7 have this problem, or a fix for it. i just installed KOTOR and the game opens and runs fine up untill the menu...i click "game" from the launcher, and it shows the opening credits for lucasarts, bioware, and the high detail picture of malak, and instead of the menu that usually comes up after them i just see a black screen, but here's the wierd part: i still see the mouse, and in the right skin(that blue/green) and i can hear it when i press up/down/enter but i dont see anything and when i put the mouse over where the menu options would be i dont hear the noise it usually makes...any suggestions? Email me at (i would love to check this board often untill i get a response, but i dont have wi-fi on my laptop, but i can check my Email with my ipod) but dont let that stop you from posting a fix in the thread anyways in case someone else has the same problem.

thanks in adance
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