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Originally Posted by Doomie View Post
I'd just like to point out that the opposite of anarchy isn't communism, it would probably be totalitarianism, and those aren't the same thing. In fact, it is my understanding that the ultimate goal of communism is something not too dissimilar to anarchy, with the elimination of the ruling class and the communal ownership of resources and all that.
Communism is very far from anarchy, because the whole ideology is very naive and believes that humans are smart by nature, and that by removing the government people will be happy to work in their new, completely equal country. And live according to it´s laws. A pretty good theory actually, but its only that, it can never work because humans are despicable creatures only driven by goals such as advancing themselves. As Qui-Gon Glenn said, past "communist" countries have been very far from actual communism, and rather represented pure selfishness by being totalitarian countries. Anarchism is more about every man making his own rules.

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