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See, I want to have the option to buy a game on physical media in a real brick and mortar store, a used store, if I want. I want to be able to sell back my used game (or give it away) if I want. I want to be able to make a backup copy in case it ever breaks (or to save wear on the original media). I want to be able to play it online, even years after the company has stopped caring about the game, or even if the company goes out of business. This was pretty much universally possible until fairly recently.

I understand they want to minimize potential piracy and maximize profits, but this is just ridiculous. It simply breeds contempt for the companies, which hurts them more in the end. Not everyone is going to buy brand new games online or verify them online. Just as an aside, I don't own any "steam" based games. I never "registered" my games, even when it was just an option (my friends did and they only ever got spam for their trouble).

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