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Shinobi: The Rising Darkness

One year after the events of the Arashi incident...

It has been a year since the forces of the Arashi have been defeated but the legendary Ten-tails still lives. The group of adventurers that managed to defeat the Arashi and drive the ten-tails away have gone their seperate ways to pursue their own goals.

But a new threat is rising from the shadows. A threat that was thought destroyed during the last Great Shinobi War.

In a far off land this threat has manifested itself. A Samurai village is under heavy attack by unknown foes who seem to have amazing abilities. A desperate battle is now being waged to drive away the attackers.

A figure in samurai armor was thrown back into the wall of one of the many dwellings in the samurai village and slid to the ground in a heap before slowly getting back to it's feet.

What the heck are these things? Karela thought to herself as she got back on her feet and then looked down at the hole in her samurai armor. I can't even land a single punch on these guys and it doesn't look like the rest of Akagi's men are having better luck.

Karela made a series of handsigns and a solid wall of earth surrounded her attacker. Karela grinned and then the grin instantly faded when the wall of earth surrounding her opponet disappeared.

"Akagi!" She shouted out to the samurai who was fighting another of the mystery attackers a short distance away. "Tell your men that we need to get the villagers out of here. There are too many of them and too few of us."
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