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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
I disagree. A book is far better then a movie. It has much more detail, more content then a movie could ever hold. Lord of the Rings is proof of that, it also expresses the characters feelings more then a film could.
Well that's just because LotR is completely unsuitable for a film adaptation. There are many films that are better than the literature they're based on/that's based on them. The recent Batman movies come to mind.

After everything Starkiller, Juno & Kota went through in the first game, its meaningless to him. And if he really believes he is a clone and not the original, how does he think Juno should be his???
Yeah, that really bothered me too. What exactly is he going to say when the subject comes up? "Well, the guy you loved is dead, but I look just like him and I've had some of his memories of you injected into my head by Darth Vader, so how about we ditch this old fart and rent us a room so you can get a taste of my lightsaber, if you know what I mean?"
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