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Ryuu was fending off the attackers within the town square. These people were clearly trained professionals, as they managed to keep a good offensive level with the samurai.

A massive opponent approached him, wielding Iron Gauntlets. Ryuu dodged his fist attacks, and repelled the gauntlets with both of his blades. He brought both of his blades together, so he could form a perfect verticle line. Two of his fingers were outstretched along the hilt.

"Fire Release: Dragon Katana" Both his swords were blazing with fire. He performed a spinning attack against the large opponent, which was expectadly blocked by his Iron Gauntlets. The giant continued to parry the fiery strikes. Ryuu kept him busy, until one of his shadow clones came up behind the giant and stabbed him through his abdomen with both fiery blades.

Amongst the chaos, one of Ryuu's Shadow Clones ran up to Karela. "I need a status report. I was sent here to investigate and assess the situation."
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