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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
According to the book, Juno got a tour of the cloning facility and seemed to be alright with it, which, I know we don't know a lot about her character, but still, I'd feel a bit weird about it. I'd definintly need some time to understand it, but the other problem is, Vader isn't telling if he really is a clone or not, so there's like this gray area for any character development
True, Vader isn't telling, but Starkiller doesn't seem to have any doubts. From his point of view, he's a clone and that's the end of it. And he's apparently perfectly okay with taking another guy's place.
It might actually be pretty cool if the real Starkiller then turned up and challenged him on that point. You'd end up with two supposedly light sided Force users fighting each other over a woman, ie. a completely selfish, passion-driven reason, revealing that in fact neither of them is on the light side.
Yeah, fat chance.
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