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The cool air provided Takeda with comfort as he moved through the forest. Comfort was something of a luxury, as Takeda has learned again and again. It was nice to have that feeling, but once it was gone he wasn't saddened. He had adapted to being denied comfort, and learned to accept solitude.

This was his mind set since he last fought Gatoa and the arashi one year ago. He had become somewhat of a lone wolf, after becoming a jonin. Its not that he didn't trust the others in the village, he just felt he could get the job done himself. After all, why send a few shinobi when one can do perfectly well alone?

Perhaps in an attempt to break Takeda of this mindset, the Hokage had sent him on a mission to investigate a Samurai village. Not just any village, one that belonged to an old friend. Their sources had spotted some unknown force making its way toward the village. While the Hokage had prepared a team, Takeda insisted on going alone.

He had left a few days ago, only stopping when it was absolutely required. The forest was beginning to end and the village was now in plain sight. Takeda slowed his movement to a walk as he left the forest. He needed to find Akagi. However, as he drew closer he saw the nothing but chaos.

People were running from the likes of an enemy he had never seen before. He moved back into a sprint and tried to assist the people. He heard the crackling sound of fire and turned to find the source. A samurai was wielding two flaming swords and fighting a rather large opponent. He watched as the identical clone moved behind the large man and kill him; a shadow clone.

He looked over and saw another samurai in red and black armor. It looked like the samurai was trying to get the people out of the village. He wanted to find Akagi, but even as a lone wolf he still had a moral code he followed. These people needed help, and he would do as he could. He approached the samurai with the black and red armor from behind. He untied his robe to allow his vest to be exposed, but still kept the robe on. He would be ready to toss his extra garb, if need be.

"Samurai, I am Takeda Kuei of the Leaf Village. I can explain what I'm doing here later, but for now I believe your people come first. Tell me, what can I do to assist you?"
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