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"Samurai, I am Takeda Kuei of the Leaf Village. I can explain what I'm doing here later, but for now I believe your people come first. Tell me, what can I do to assist you?"

Karela looked at Takeda with a mixture of suprise and joy. She knew that Takeda had some pretty powerful techniques and they could be useful against the enemy shinobi as they evacuated the village.

"Takeda!" She shouted as she grabbed him in a hug and lifted him off the ground. "It's me!"

Oh wait...The helmet makes my voice sound a bit off. He probably thinks I'm a bit nuts since he probably doesn't recognize me.

Karlea put Takeda down and then lifted the helmet off of her head and smiled at Takeda. Her face was badly bruised and the left side of her face had a long cut going down it due to being suprised by one of the enemy shinobi who's blade had managed to cut slightly through her armor.

""You have no idea how happy I am to see you Takeda." She said still smiling. "I need help evacuating the villagers. Right now Akagi is buying us time to get the villagers out of here and these enemy shinobi are really tough and so far we haven't been able to drive them away."

"Are they gathered and sheltered from the attack, or are they scattered throughout the village?"

Karela turned back toward the man whe had just killed one of the enemy shinobi and thought for a moment. "Nearly all of the villagers are here but there could be some of them left in the village."

She looked over the stranger and thought for a moment. "You look really tough. Right now I bet Akagi could use your help driving the enemy shinobi away. He and his men are buying us time in the town square."
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