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Takeda was taken completely by surprise by the samurai's action. Takeda stared at the samurai as he was lifted into the air. Takeda saw that their situation was dire, but he didn't know it was this bad that the samurai would greet him in such a manner. He dusted himself off once the samurai finally let him go. When he looked back up he was no longer staring at a samurai...but Karela.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you Takeda." She said still smiling. "I need help evacuating the villagers. Right now Akagi is buying us time to get the villagers out of here and these enemy shinobi are really tough and so far we haven't been able to drive them away."

Takeda nodded and let Karela speak with the other samurai. He would have time to catch up with his friend later. Right now he had to focus on the task at hand. He pulled out a scroll from his robe and placed it on the ground. Preforming the necessary seals, he created a large pool of water. He needed to create ice for this technique, and his normal way wouldn't be quick enough.

He knelt down and froze the pool of water with his hands. He preformed and even more complicated series of hand seals on the frozen pool.

"Ice Release: Ice Dragon!"

The pool of ice slowly turned into a large ice dragon. The mighty ice dragon roared and looked over at Takeda. Takeda ordered the beast to attack the enemy shinobi. The beast let out a second roar and took off into the air.

"That dragon will assist Akagi, I'll go check for any more villagers," Takeda said before rushing off.
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