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And it pours on...AGAIN!!

As you can recall (by going a page back), my house burned down over the summer; I'll not get into the drama involved with all of that as its been said.

So, my life gets worse. My fiance's brother, really the only one of her siblings who ever gave me a chance or the time of day, was killed in a hunting accident a few weeks ago (this was not posted at the time as I've had more important things to do...all things considered, I'm sure you all understand). Well, work decides that even though I've been with my wife-to-be for 8 years (and I'm only 25), since we're not married I can't take berievement (sp?), thus I am unable to spend that all important time with her and her family to help them cope. My time off? I happen to have the day after it happened off and spent the day getting drunk. And I was right back to work the day after. Thankfully, my GM isn't a dick (the decision to not let me go on berievement wasn't his, it was the owner's) and swapped a bunch of days out with me so I could be at the showing all day and attend the funeral.

Had he not, this next part would have happened sooner and they all knew it.

Well, just as we're all getting over that and things are returning to normal, I get fired from my long-time job this past Tuesday for 'threatening the integrity of the franchise'. Apparently, I said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Not that it matters, as someone had been spreading rumors abound of me cussing out employees and customers, sleeping on the job, and coming in to work drunk constantly. I figure the whole thing was just a convinient excuse for them to do what they've been wanting to do for awhile and ****-can my ill-tempered ass.

Merry Christmas!
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