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"That dragon will assist Akagi, I'll go check for any more villagers,"

Karela nodded once and was about to resume the evacuation when a badly injured samurai limped out of the forest from the direction they were supposed to be going. Karela ran up to him and saw that he was bleeding from multiple wounds.

"What happened to you?" She asked quietly. She didn't want to alert the villagers that there might be a problem.

The injured samurai collapsed to the ground. "A-Ambush ahead. The Mototada Prefecture has been taken by the enemy, it's almost as if they were expecting us." The samurai then shuddered once and was still.

Karela growled once and then turned toward the villagers who looked scared. They must have heard some of the conversation.

Karela made a series of handsigns and a small group of shadow clones appeared in front of her. She instructed four of the clones to continue guarding the villagers with her and then dispatched the last remaining one to inform Akagi of the fall of the Mototada Prefecture.

The shadow clone nodded and then took off toward the village square where it saw Akagi and his men fighting off a large number of enemy shinobi. "Akagi." The clone said quietly as it ran up in front of him. "The Mototada Prefecture has fallen to the enemy, somehow they knew that was where we were going to be evacuating the villagers. We may have a spy among us. We need to go somewhere we know is safe.""
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