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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
Looking forward to learning more about Mass Effect 3. And with the announced Holiday 2011 release time frame BioWare continues their trend of cranking out their games in shorter and shorter periods of time.
also don't forget that Mass Effec 3 has been in development since before Mass Effect 2 came out. it was the same with Mass Effect 2, they started the development before they released Mass Effect.

as for the people apprehensive about the multiplayer, I'll remind you how big BioWare actually is? especially now that they have Electronic Arts supporting them? they can have an entire department devoted to the Multiplayer aspect of the game. and an entire department devoted to the singleplayer.

the FACT is Mass Effect was brilliant, Mass Effect 2 was epic, and Mass Effect 3 is liable to be, absolutely insane. ESPECIALLY if they let you land on earth. but I suspect Joker may die.

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