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^^^Well, I don't know about ALL of them though that's probably almost certainly true for most of them if/when steam ever bites the dust down the road. Well, I guess the best understanding I can offer is satisfying impulsivity and people downloading it to their computers getting around having to deal with discs. . If you have a backup drive, I don't see how it should be that big a problem for standalone games and stuff.

ValvE games will continue to be carried by the company in that scenario--of this I am pretty sure. IIRC they have even said as much to these concerns. Though I don't like having to register the games.

I would think that some of the game developers would make their own websites and revive their games. Those will be the ones to survive, the rest would be S.O.L. though. (I'm telling you, BUY the patents of the ones you like. That way you'll own it in part if not in whole and can play it anytime, even make money off it.)

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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