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"The Mototada Prefecture has fallen to the enemy, somehow they knew that was where we were going to be evacuating the villagers. We may have a spy among us. We need to go somewhere we know is safe."

The news caught Akagi off-gaurd, yet the unexpected should always be expected.

The Samurai twirled his naginata on its hilt, bringing it down to point in the direction of north.

"We will have to move towards the mountains. It won't protect my people for long, but it'll allow us time to regroup...."

He looked at the enemy Shinobi who were themselves regrouping across a nearby bridge.

"Bring the villagers around the border and then into the mountains...we will join you in a moment....we must finish this foe..."

Akagi wielded his naginata to the front, rallying his samurai retainers to form a line, beginning their advance.

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