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So many names that I remember. The last two zone names I remember using were GDS_NovaCreator and GDS_Novaless.

I remember DKB_Stan up there. He took two hours out of his day to teach me how to use the Scout better when I first started playing as a scout when he used the name Tesslar. Then the ******* would join my games under that -=SATAN=- name and start hacking without even telling me he was Tesslar. Biotch .

I remember playing counter-strike with DIK_Punisher a few times and playing a ton of games with whichever DIK member that shouted "HADOUKEN!" and "SHORYUUUUKEN!" a lot (Rage, perhaps? I forget). Even remember struggling to stay out of the negative scores when playing against Americano.

And of course I remember a lot of the GDS crew. Xeonaphobe gave me Predatorz' MSN info a few months back. I added him and have only seen him on once. I messaged him when he was away and he signed off an hour later. Haven't seen him on MSN Messenger since. Speaking of Xeonaphobe, I showed him this thread awhile back but he refused to post because he was pissed that no one has mentioned him yet.

If any of the people I used to talk to wanna add me on MSN Messenger my info is
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