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Takeda entered into the last home. He searched but found no one in the home. He left the home and motioned the few villagers he found to follow him as he began to make his way back to Karela and the other villagers.

An enemy shinobi jumped down from one of the rooftops at Takeda. The shinobi stuck a hook shaped blade into Takeda's chest. Takeda turned to ice and shattered into pieces; an ice clone. The real Takeda threw a shuriken at the shinobi.

The shinobi dodged the attack and threw the hook blade at Takeda to reveal a chain. The blade barely missed Takeda, cutting him slightly as he jumped back. The shinobi twirled the hook blade and tossed it at Takeda again. This time Takeda side stepped and grabbed the chain. Takeda froze the weapon, forcing the shinobi to drop it.

The shinobi charged Takeda, which he was ready for. As the shinobi jumped into the air, Takeda shot his ice ball. The ice ball made contact the with shinobi, who shattered into pieces upon hitting the ground. Takeda motioned the few villagers once more to follow him.

"I was able to find a few villagers," he said to Karela as he returned.


The Ice dragon took out a few enemy shinobi, just by landing on them. The dragon looked over at Akagi, and moved with the samurai. Once Akagi attacked, it would as well.
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