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"Bring the villagers around the border and then into the mountains...we will join you in a moment....we must finish this foe..."

The shadow clone nodded and dissapeared in a puff of smoke just as a barrage of kunai knives cut through the space where it had been just a moment ago.

"I was able to find a few villagers,"

Karela nodded at him and then looked over the large group of villagers. She jumped up onto a tree branch so she would be able to be heard over the muttering of the villagers.

"Attention everyone!" She shouted as the villagers looked up at her as she put her helmet back on. "There has been a change of plans. As of now, we are going to be heading into the mountains where we will meet up with the remaining samurai. From there we will plan on what to do next."

"Don't bet on it." A cheerful female voice said from above her. Karela slowly looked up and saw one of the attacking shinobi who was wearing a mask.

That voice...There's no way that can be who I think it is. Takeda...or should I say Takai killed her over a year ago.

"Takeda..." She said quietly as she stared up at the masked enemy shinobi. "Take the villagers, get them up the mountains and wait for the remaining samurai to meet you there. I need to take care of this. Alone."

The masked shinobi waved cheerfully at Takeda and Karela and then took off into the trees. Karela quickly jumped after her with a handful of Kunai knives in her hand.
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