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" name's Frank, Frank Mcdowell...I'm a..." there was a slight pause in between sentences." information has been slow though, Omega does that sometimes. So...if you don't mind my asking, what brings you here to Omega?"

Tom gazed at the man. An Information Broker who carries around a Rocket Launcher underneath his jacket. Quite peculiar indeed... but wasnt the proper time to speculate.

"Well... Its kind of a long story. Quick version: we're trying to sell salvaged goods, amongst other things..." Tom referencing in within his head of the encounter with the derelict cerberus vessel. "I'll explain later. We should leave, before more mercs show up. You can probably help us with something..."

He walked with Frank back up to the previous level where the entrance resided. Some of the commotion seemed to have calmed down abit. Some of the bouncers seemed to have kept things in order. But something caught Tom's eye: that Asari girl that bumped into him earlier, was lying on the floor up against the wall.

After one of the Krogan Body Guards picked her up, and overhearing the conversation between them and the Salarian Tournament Organiser, he looked at Frank. Normally on Omega, Tom prefered to avoid trouble that endangered either him or his crew members. But some level of sympathy drove him to once again pull his gun out. If Tom were in a similar sitation: dead or alive, he would rather not be left in the vermin hands of Mercenary Scum Bags.

Ulrich activated his Omni-Tool, and paged Chiron. "I need you here. Underworld Cantina, near the entrance. He switched it off, pointed the gun, and pressed the tip of the barrel to the back of the Salarians skull. He glared at the Krogan Body Guards. "Salarians live short lives. Yours is about to end in less then 5 seconds, if you dont put her down."

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