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Whipwarrior, I wanted you to know that I registered here just so I could tell you how much I've enjoyed this novelization you are working on.

I have always been a huge lifelong Indyfan, and Fate of Atlantis is just about one of my favorite adventure games (and Indy stories) ever, and you are doing an amazing job with it. I only recently discovered your adaptation, and I must say that I have been glued to it since the moment I started reading it. The way that you have enhanced, reconceptualized, and added to familiar scenes from the game is impeccable, and your characterization of Indy (and Sophia) is right on the money, in my opinion. And the project so far seems to be incredibly well-researched. I particularly love how you've managed to give the story all this added gravitas by really establishing it against the backdrop of the race for the atomic bomb--this is something that was only really briefly mentioned in the original game, but never expanded upon, and I think your version is vastly improved because of it. It just gives their quest so much more urgency. I love it. Great, great work.

I eagerly await the completion of this wonderful project. Also, I hope you don't mind--I took the liberty of posting the link to your work in progress at a few fan sites I frequent, including the Raven ( which is probably the most comprehensive Indy fan site on the net, if you haven't been there. Anyway, thanks for reviving all these great memories in your project--it really is like experiencing the story all over again for the first time. Fantastic!

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