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Running Academy with Cheats on Steam

Hello, just so everybody knows I'm a new member, and I pretty much registered just so I could get some help with my game, but you might see me elsewhere hopefully.
Anyways, I've got Jedi Academy on Steam, and I've been wanting to run the game with some cheats such as enhanced dismemberment in it, and the only way I know of to get these cheats to work right from the start of the game is by using the regular procedure in the "target" area of the program's properties. Problem is, Steam games don't have the same kind of system in place as something like a disc copy of a game, and when I look into the properties of the program, there is no target box for the game. Does anybody have any idea how I'd be able to run cheats in this Steam game without having to manually type them in every time I launch it?
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