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Originally posted byTimBob12: Sounds really cool.

One suggestion, All the uniforms are the same even though they have different jobs and ranks.

Could you add something to identify their rank or job. Like in Episode IV they have the differnet coloured squares on their chests.

Just a thought

Other than that sounds really good.
I'll have to ask RedRob41. In the readme he made for the Republic Combat Suit mod he asked not to change the suits. But I think what he meant was the original UTC. I'll have to ask.

Originally posted by Slstoev: Well you could ask DarthCalo to incorparate the ruined Pacis Oddo and survivors in to his mod. Just a thought.
I could I guess, but the problem with that is the Pacis Oddo base is not accessible like the Sandral's and Matale's Estates are. You always have to talk to Jerico or some other member to go back and forth between the estate and the Enclave.

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