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Chiron's Omni-tool began to flash. The krogan stopped walking in order to check it. He shook his head as he read the message. The Underworld always meant trouble, and hopefully Tom wasn't in any.

"My apologies Selia, but it appears Tom requires my assistance. You can come with me if you wish," he said to her.

Chiron located the nearest elevator, and took it down to the Underworld. He walked around for a bit until he reached his destination. He spotted to what appeared to be a dead asari.

"So what mess have you gotten me into this time?" Chiron asked.
__________________________________________________ _____

Rogue had taken advantage to escape during the firefight, sadly the only way it could go was back into the ship. It planned on entering the mess hall and then looping back around to the entrance. The plan worked so far until the heavily armed quarian entered in.

A simple recalculation and Rogue was ready to continue when a turian entered into the mess hall as well. It would only be a matter of time before the drell arrived as well. That was a three on one fight.

By Rogue's calculations, it had a 21.3% chance of winning the fight. Those were incredibly terrible odds. It did the math over and over again, each outcome proving the same. Its camo was running dangerously low, and soon it would disappear.

Then Rogue came up with a theory. Rogue only shot at the quarian, because there was an 89.5% chance the quarian would do so. The quarian only shot because it was an armed geth. If it were unarmed however. Rogue's camo wore off and it was exposed.

The chances of its survival now, with the theory showed an increase. If it went with the theory it had a 43.6% chance. Rogue dropped its pulse rifle and slowly raised both its arms in the air; the organic sign of surrender.
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