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Ok i need to clarify everything that need to be flipped was already done on my end so there is NO need to flip anything just add folders to override. As long as the textures are upside down in the override folder everything is all good.

The confusion came from me adding the read me text saying to flip the textures which is why they look messed up in game. So once again do Not flip textures after you convert them

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post

@Xarwarz, my offer to upload the whole package (once you finish your work on M4-78) as a torrent at Demonoid still stands. Let me know once you have everything ready and the flipping issue is dealt with, and I'll start the uploading process.
No prob sith h im finishing up the planet soon but cant release until i complete the droid reskins. The tank droid sucks its like a shuttle skin lots of parts

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