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It would be stupid for the jedi that are being hunted to try to rebuild it in the same place that it was destroyed in the first place. And the Jedi don't have the resources or the man power to rebuild another one. In KOTOR 2 the Enchia at Telos is lucky to have that secret place. The republic probably wont give them resources to rebuild because with like what logan said the jedi are blamed for the wars and the destruction of their first place and that the public see the sith as rouge jedi it wouldnt be smart for the republic to help them because it would ruin the republics image (whats left of it) also you might cause some soldier to rebel from the republic or even stop fighting becuase they think it is stupid to waste money helping the jedi that cause this war and do you think the republic soldiers that will be guarding the new construction of the new council building is going to be happy about that.Can you say REBELION? Which means less future soldiers to take the ranks of the fallen soldiers. Also you have to think if the jedi all gather in one spot wouldnt that make them a easy prey for the sith. Dont you think the Sith wants them to come together in one spot; thats a lot easier than flying all over the galaxy in search of them. And you also have to take into consideration that many jedi fear for their life they know that it is not smart to come out of hiding to try to restore and order that has fallen before while they are being hunted by not only the sith, but mercs and bounty hunters looking for an easy pay day. And no government wants to be the person who is housing the jedi because for one your going to be bombarded from hell when the sith find out and two if the public find out your going to have some anarchy on your hands. Thats is why the jedi didn't rebuild in my opinion.

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