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"So what mess have you gotten me into this time?"

Tom was glad to see Chiron arrive. The krogan approached and stared at the body of the Asari.

"We think she has been sedated, her bodily functions being haltered as part of her comatose state." he pressed two fingers on her neck to find a pulse.

He stared up at Chiron. "Can you give her something to revive her? Or are your supplies back at the ship?"

__________________________________________________ _____________

The Turian watched behind the crates. Amongst the fire, the Geth stood up and held both arms in the air. He held John's rifle down. "Hold your fire!"

Tuhrop stood up, and motioned Thiyan to do the same. He watched the Geth from across the room. Why was it surrendering? Was it surrendering? Not many people have interacted with Geth before; atleast not with bullets.

Tuhrop limped towards it, keeping a good distance away from it. There was a long silence. Minutes have passed. Tuhrop just gased into the flashlight head of the Geth Infiltrator.

"Can you understand us?"
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