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Rogue stared at the Turian as he popped out of cover. The turian must have recognized what Rogue was doing as the turian ordered the other two to stop not shoot. Rogue kept its arms up, even though it seemed the plan had worked.

This turian had some type of authority over the other two, this made him the best candidate to speak with. It was not until the Turian moved over to Rogue that it put its arms down.

"Can you understand us?"

Rogue stared at the turian for a few seconds. It looked over at the drell, then to the quarian, and finally back to the turian.


Chiron looked down at the asari as he listened to Tom.

"I've heard of mercenaries doing a similar thing. They take a drug that makes them appear dead. She should be fine on her own, but I can give her something back at the ship if you'd like."
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