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"Don't bet on it."

Takeda looked to the same spot Karela did and saw a masked shinobi. He played the voice inside his head a few times. Takai nearly killed her during the last fight and then she blew herself up. How could she still be alive?

It was during Takeda's analysis of who the voice belonged to that Takai stirred. He had been a good boy for a whole year, silently watching Takeda. Takeda's eyes changed to Takai's for second and he winked back up at her. Almost as if to say, I whooped you once and I'll do it again.

"Take the villagers, get them up the mountains and wait for the remaining samurai to meet you there. I need to take care of this. Alone."

Takeda looked over at Karela and nodded his head. He had been a lone wolf this past year, so he understood Karela's intentions. He watched Karela take off and turned his attention to the villagers. He quickly created three ice clones to help him escort the villagers.

"Stay close," was all he said as he began to lead them to the mountains.

We can't let Karela have all the fun...besides Karela is special. We can't have her throwing herself into danger either.
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