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Karela jumped from branch to branch and threw a handful of Kunai knives at Zarela as she jumped from branch to branch.

Zarela turned around and continued jumping from branch to branch without even looking.

"If I were you I'd check on your friend." Zarela said cheerfully as she caught each of the kunai in one hand and threw them back at Karela with incredible speed. Karela was unprepared for the attack and the Kunai cut across her shoulder making her wince in pain.

"Come on now Karela...You can do better then that!" Zarela said cheerfully as she made a series of handsigns and a stream of fire erupted from her mouth which Karela was barely able to dodge.

She's so much faster and stronger then when she fought Takai...I can barely keep up with her.

Karla barely managed to dodge another kunai before making a series of handsigns and five shadow clones appeared. They were barely able to move before Zarela made another series of handsigns and six fireballs shot out from her hands and destroyed the clones and the sixth one hit Karela and slammed her into a tree trunk. Karela slowly fell out of the tree and hit the ground with a thud.

She looked up to see Zarela jumping off the branch that she was on and then stand over her. "Don't worry Karela, this is going to hurt you more then it's going to hurt me!" Zarela said laughing as she made another series of handsigns.
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