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Frank watched cautiously from behind as the situation unfolded. The quickness of Tom's ability to diffuse the crisis and save the Asari was impressive...most wouldn't be able to convince even the most base of criminals into giving up on their revenge...then again, he'd used tactics Frank was familiar with. And, the crew of the Valkrie was far from normal, he'd almost completely forgotten about the Krogan that was listed on the crew.

Frank remained silent as the Krogan examined the Asari....which was another object of surprise as you really never see a Krogan doctor.

"Tom, get my box of supplies on the ground there. We need to get her back to the Valkyrie's med bay."

Seeing the Asari's skin pale before his eyes gave Frank a distinct chill. He'd seen that happen. He'd see that happen alot, in his line of work. More or less, he was often the one who'd instigated such slow way of death.

He stepped forward and broke his silence.

"I recognize this..."

He needed to check for some place where the 'toxin,' so to say, had entered her body. Giving the Krogan reasonable space, Frank checked the Asari, until finding a small puncture wound on her thigh. He now had a vague idea of what was in her system.

"Krogan, you must work fast...if this puncture wound is what I think it is...then she has virtually killed herself....unless we help her within the next...well...I suppose, the next few minutes."

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